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EcoMatters has positioned itself as a prominent LED lighting product market leader since the start of the Australia's energy efficiency abatement schemes across residential, commercial and industrial LED lighting markets in 2014.
EcoMatters has been participating and became the dominating manufacturer and supplier under the VEET scheme. It distributed over 5 million LED downlights, 800,000 LED T8 tubes into over 400,000 Victorian households and business premises. 

EcoMatters is one of the only Australian companyies operating a research and product development institution for LED lighting products. The laboratory is capable of conducting comprehensive range of product development and engineering to ensure the highest standard and level of compliance could be 
As the Australian branch of the world’s largest LED lighting product manufacturer JinYuan lighting, EcoMatters is specialised in proprietary LED product mold design,development, compliance testing, LED chip encapsulation and production. Apart from supplying the best LED products to Australian market, EcoMatters also provides the OEM, ODM, CKD, SKD services to Australia LED customers.
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Guangdong Jinyuan Lighting Technology Co., LTD was founded in 2004, is the leading LED manufacturer and one of the largest LED manufacturers in the world. The land area of the LED factory is 15,000 square meters, factory area covers over 60,000 square meters, and has 1,800 qualified employees.  
Jinyuan Lighting is also the world’s #1 LED torch manufacturer, it manufactures over 20 million LED torches every month, and keeps breaking the quantity of record for exporting torches to all over the world year by year. Jinyuan Lighting is very specialised in residential, commercial and outdoor LED lighting products, also combined with LED chip encapsulation, manufacturing batteries and solar power system.
As the world’s leading LED manufacturer, Jinyuan Lighting provides the OEM, ODM, CKD and SKD services to every LED customer. Our purpose is to create the best LED products with the most professional customer service to our clients. 
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